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Single Trestle - Adjustable Feet

Altech Supasafe Trestles are manufactured in aluminium making them light yet tough, and come with adjustable or fixed legs.

The adjustable legs feature dimpled, high-grade rubber feet and quick release and set clips, while the stiles on every Altech Supasafe Trestle are adequately angled to provide stability, and spaced to support a 450mm wide twin-plank platform.

Altech Supasafe Trestles come in seven different heights, and can be set up as a single bay or as multiple bays, and can be incorporated with Altech’s Supasafe Handrail System from a height of 2.4m and beyond.

To easily reach required heights, all Altech Supasafe Trestles have rungs available every 300mm, and all rungs are fluted to provide a safe, anti-slip surface. Telescopic legs allow up to 260mm of height variation,
while adjustment every 20mm ensures stability on uneven ground.